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Our Collaborators

At we are committed to interdisciplinary and collaborative work in the broad area of criminal law and justice. We are proud to collaborate across institutions and the world to bring a broad range of perspectives to you. Our list of collaborators is expanding. We are thankful for your contributions.

Amin Asfari

Sacha Baglay

Benjamin Berger

Michelle Bertrand

Steven Bittle

John Burchill

Hygiea Casiano

Erin Dej

Robert Diab

Ruby Dhand

Colton Fehr

Daphne Gilbert

Mandi Gray

Thomas S. Harrison

Chris Hunt

Adelina Iftene

Brock Jones

Lara Karaian

Ummni Khan

Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kerr

Jennifer Kilty

Kyle Kirkup

Leon Laidlaw

Michelle Lawrence

Garrett Lecoq

Rick Linden

Katharina Maier

Lauren Menzie

Michael Nesbitt

Nicole O’Byrne

Debra Parkes

Micah Rankin

Rosemary Ricciardelli

Shannon Russell

Erin Sheley

Lisa Silver

Kristen Thomasen

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