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NeoHuman with Agah Bahari: Episode 21 @robsoncrim

Check out the new podcast of "NeoHuman with Agah Bahari" featuring two Robsoncrim-ers!

"In the 21st episode of NEOHUMAN, the 1st episode of Season 2, Agah Bahari is joined by Mandi Gray as the co-host of the second season to chat with Dr. Richard Jochelson (@robsoncrim, @RiJochelson). Richard is the Associate Professor at Robson Hall Law School, University of Manitoba, and his publications include: “The Disappearance of Criminal Law: Police Powers and the Supreme Court of Canada”, and “Theorizing Justice and Sex and the Supreme Court: Obscenity and Indecency Laws in Canada”. Richard recently [co]launched the Robson Crim Legal Blog, which is an interdisciplinary blog featuring writing from scholars and lawyers across Canada. They talk about wide range of subjects including feminist debates around pornography and sex work, University of Chicago’s recent statement on safe spaces, freedom of speech and political correctness, cyber sex-work, Bedford [v] Canada case, and the common grounds between radical feminism and the religious far-right."

Check out the episode here.

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