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  • Kasia Kieloch (law student editor)

Many Opportunities for Law Students Interested in Criminal Law at Robson Hall

The Robson Hall community is buzzing with new and refreshed students who are eager to get involved in the school community. There is no shortage of opportunities for students to take part in, and the criminal law community at Robson Hall is growing and expanding. This year, there are a number of exciting and new opportunities at Robson Hall pertaining to criminal law. From new courses to a new law journal, there are a number of exciting things to look forward to throughout the school year.

The Criminal Law Group, formerly the Student Advocates for Justice, has re-branded. The group is planning on bringing in a number of guest speakers to discuss topics such as wrongful convictions, mental health courts, addictions, and careers in criminal law. They are also planning on hosting a “crime and cheese” event to allow students to meet criminal law practitioners. The group is also planning on hosting the very high in demand cross-examination clinic, which is designed for students to learn practical skills from some of the best criminal lawyers in the province. More information about the group and their events can be found on their Facebook page, “Robson Hall- Criminal Law Group”.

The University Law Centre Legal Aid Clinic allows students in second or third year law to manage their own cases under the supervision of a lawyer. Students are in charge of all aspects of handling a case, including meeting with clients and attending court to appear on their client’s behalf. Students can work at the clinic on a volunteer basis or through a clinical course for credit. It is a great opportunity for students to get practical and hands-on experience and help to increase access to justice.

The inaugural Criminal Law Edition of the Manitoba Law Journal is expected to be released in October, with a launch event to be announced in the near future. The journal features thirteen articles written by authors from around Canada. The contributions are from students, professors, practitioners, and academics from various academic disciplines. The journal is accepting submissions for its second edition until February 1st, 2018, and encourages student paper submissions.

Students may also be interested in criminal law and justice research projects through Pro Bono Students Canada, which is an organization that pairs students and supervising lawyers to complete projects for under-represented and disadvantaged individuals and groups. Students can develop their legal research and writing skills while also giving back to the community. Projects in previous years have included partnering with the John Howard Society, A Woman’s Place, the Legal Help Centre, and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

This year, Robson Hall has increased the number of criminal law courses and their scope. This year there is a clinical course in addition to the regular Wrongful Convictions course. Charter Issues in Criminal Law, Sexual Expression, Conduct and Work in Canada, Aboriginal Law Criminal Justice and Family, and Sentencing are also being offered. The two other clinical courses are Intensive Crim and Clinical Criminal Law. From perspective to clinical courses in criminal law, there is something of interest to all students. Our Robson Crim editors, Professors Jochelson, Ireland, Khoday, and Milward, teach many of these courses as well as first year criminal law.

Robson Hall has a number of unique classes and opportunities for students who are interested in criminal law. I am looking forward to writing about these events in addition to blawgs on current issues pertaining to criminal law. On behalf of the Robson Crim editorial team, I would like to wish students, faculty, and staff all the best during the school year, and hope that you will check back for regular updates and blawgs!

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