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Robson Crim's Mega Book Launch Event to be Held Oct 18

You are all invited to a Robson Crim-MLJ-Asper Review Mega Book Launch Featuring Free Food and Refreshments, Entertainment, and Knowledge!

Date: On October 18, 2017 @4:30-7:30PM Where: Common Room, Robson Hall Law School, 224 Dysart Road, Winnipeg, MB Swag: First year students receive a free copy of the Robson Crim MLJ

Robson Crim and the Manitoba Law Journal are pleased to invite the Robson Hall and Manitoba legal community to attend the launch of several new ground-breaking publications on Criminal Law Research and International Trade Law including:

Criminal Law and Precrime: Legal Studies in Canadian Punishment and Surveillance in Anticipation of Criminal Guilt (co-authored by Associate Professor Richard Jochelson, James Gacek, and Lauren Menzie: members of the Robson Crim Group);

♣ A special double edition of the Manitoba Law Journal focusing on Criminal Law guest-edited by Richard Jochelson, Amar Khoday and David Ireland for Robson Crim (Volume 40(3));

♣ The Manitoba Law Journal's new volume containing an oral history of The Great Transition in Legal Education (Volumes 39(1) and (2));

♣ The Manitoba Law Journal's regular edition focusing on developments in the courts of Manitoba (Volume 40(1))

Underneath the Golden Boy's 2017 issue edition focusing on issues of legislation and public policy in Manitoba (Volume 40(2)); and

♣ The Asper Review's 2017 issue – featuring articles on international business and trade law presented at the INTlaw conference.

Featuring guest speakers: Dr. Bryan Schwartz, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Manitoba Law Journal, Mr. John Burchill, and Dr. Michelle Bertrand, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, University of Winnipeg.

Featuring Musical Guests: Reasonable Doubt playing a selection of Tragically Hip songs referenced in the Robson Crim MLJ.

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