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Robson Crim Fall 2017 Newsletter

In a very busy Fall season, it is possible for an avid reader to miss some fabulous contributions to criminal law, justice and criminology scholarship and to miss some of our most memorable blawg posts. If this describes you, now is the chance to recap the last few months by reading the Robson Crim Newsletter.

Some highlights in the newsletter include:

- the release of our new peer review journal Manitoba Law Journal 40(3)

- our most recent call for papers

- blawgs on a variety of hot topics including the Tragically Hip, ineffective assistance of counsel, crimmigration, campus sexual assault, woman and the law, MMIWG, Ashley Smith, wrongful conviction, eyewitness evidence, pornography, juries, sexual assault, legal career advice, Precrime, civil forfeiture, police powers, bestiality, interpretive techniques of the judiciary, and bodily evidence to name a few!

- Rebecca Bromwich assumes an editorial role at Robson Crim

- Michelle Bertrand joins our collective review board

- our many book launches!

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