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Canadian Terror: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on the Toronto 18 Terrorism Trials

by Professors Nesbitt, Roach and Hoffman

Manitoba Law Journal and Robsoncrim.com are pleased to announce the release of Canada’s premier publication on “Project Osage”, an inter-agency security operation that executed the largest terrorism-related sting in Canadian history.

Canadian Terror: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on the Toronto 18 Terrorism Trials engages a multi-disciplinary perspective that unites criminological, legal, and security analyses to consider the processes, as well as the shortcomings, involved in investigating and prosecuting terrorism in Canada.

Canadian Terror is edited and co-authored by prominent Canadian academics including: Professor Kent Roach, Professor of Law and Prichard-Wilson Chair of Law and Public Policy at the University of Toronto; Dr. Michael Nesbitt, Fellow of the Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies and Associate Professor of Law at the University of Calgary; and Dr. David Hofmann, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of New Brunswick. Our renowned authors have come together to provide a multi--disciplinary framework for considering the Canadian state’s fragmented approach to the investigation, judicial administration, and ultimate release of the Toronto 18. Their work provides a fresh and thorough narrative surrounding the most infamous set of terrorist offenders in Canada.

Coming soon: See our sneak peak below:

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