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Robson Crim Student Editors Wanted for January-March 2021

Robson Crim is looking to hire two student co-editors for January 2 through March 31 2021. Responsibilities will include writing blogs, editing blogs, developing and deploying social media strategies, community outreach, and if relevant, assisting in Robson Crim research projects. Students will be responsible for 10 hours per week of part time work.

Please send your C.V., unofficial grades if you have them, and a cover letter to by December 10, 2020 for consideration and a possible follow up interview.

Qualifications are-

1) you are currently a Canadian law student in an accredited program or alternatively in a graduate program connected or cognate to a law school or program

2) you enjoy writing about criminal law, criminology or criminal justice

3) legal research interests you in the above areas

Robson Crim is housed in Robson Hall, one of Canada's oldest law schools. Robson Crim has transformed into a Canada wide research hub in criminal law, with blog contributions from coast to coast, and from outside of this nation's borders. With over 30 academic peer collaborators at Canada's top law schools, Robson Crim is bringing leading criminal law research and writing to the reader. We also annually publish a special edition criminal law volume of the Manitoba Law Journal, providing a chance for authors to enter the peer reviewed fray. The Journal has ranked in the top 0.1 percent on and is widely used.


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