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Welcoming Shannon Russell to the Robson Crim Team

As many of you know, is the source of the Manitoba Law Journal's special edition on Criminal Law, is home to over 300 analysis contributions on criminal law and cognate disciplines, and holds conferences on critical issues in these disciplines. We do this through our team of editors and collaborators, many of whom are leading and/or emerging leaders in this fields, and many of whom have been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada, and other courts across multiple jurisdictions. It is always exciting to welcome a new collaborator to our team, and today we welcome Shannon Russell to the team. We asked Shannon to tell us about herself. She obliged:

"I am a graduate of the Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh, where I studied law and criminology to Masters level. I am a currently working as a Sessional Instructor within the Department of Sociology and Criminology at the University of Manitoba and the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Winnipeg. I am also in the final stages of graduate research at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. My research interests lie broadly in the role of law in maintaining structures of oppression and power and working towards greater social justices approaches to law. In particular, I draw upon feminist and queer legal theory as tools for analysing matters across criminal law, refugee law and family law. My recent projects largely centre on sexual assault, image-based sexual abuse, domestic violence, gender identity in refugee claims and the extent to which the law protects transgender parents. My research has been support by the Law Foundation of British Columbia and the Leverhulme Trust."

Welcome to the team!!


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