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Dr. Kjell Anderson Joins Editorial Board

With the addition of Kjell Anderson to the editorial board we welcome an internationally acclaimed jurist and academic to the team. His addition means we can expect more international criminal law contributions.

Kjell Anderson is a jurist and social scientist specialised in the study of human rights, mass violence, and mass atrocities. He is the author of Perpetrating Genocide: A Criminological Account (Routledge 2019),and the forthcoming volumes The Dilemma of Dominic Ongwen: From Child Abductee to War Criminal (Rutgers University Press, 2020); and Approaching Perpetrators: Insights on Ethics, Methods, and Theory (University of Wisconsin Press, 2020). He holds PhD and LLM degrees in International Human Rights Law (from the National University of Ireland and Utrecht University, respectively), as well as MA and BA degrees in Conflict Studies (from Carleton University and the University of Saskatchewan).

His current research focuses on perpetrators of international crimes, the criminology of genocide, transitional justice, and the Dominic Ongwen trial at the International Criminal Court. Beyond legal and archival sources, his research has involved qualitative interviewing in the field. This includes, for example, interviewing perpetrators and victims of genocide and crimes against humanity in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Bosnia, Cambodia, India, and Bangladesh. In 2016 Anderson was part of a fact-finding mission on Islamic State atrocities against minorities. As part of a team of researchers he visited sites of violence in northern Iraq and interviewed victims from the Yazidi, Christian, and Shia communities.


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