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We Welcome Leon Laidlaw to the Team

At Robsoncrim, we want you on our team. We want to engage in lively debates about criminal law related issues in Canada and beyond. Whether it is the latest police powers ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada, or the implications of mass security events in Canada, or even a robust discussion about the future of legal education in the criminal law, we want you to feel welcome perusing, commenting upon and contributing to our site. We welcome Leon Laidlaw to the team!

Leon Laidlaw is completing his MA in Criminology, with a specialization in Feminist and Gender Studies, at the University of Ottawa. His SSHRC funded Master’s research explores the impact of gender identity on transgender women’s experiences in sex work in relation to the areas of labour, engagement with the criminal justice system, and health and access to services. His research interests fall within the scope of feminist criminology, gender and trans theories, and sex work and the law. Leon plans to pursue a PhD in fall of 2017, focusing again on the experiences of transgender individuals’ engagement with the criminal justice system.

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