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Robson Crim Welcomes the Warmer Seasons, and New Student Editor Brayden McDonald

Robson Crim welcomes the warmer part of the Canadian year with our latest flurry of blogs! We will continue to publish our blogs into July before taking a short pause to finish working on the latest Manitoba Law Journal Criminal Law Edition, which will launch in Fall. Excitingly, we will be bringing you two volumes to press, featuring over 20 scholarly authors writing about some of the most pressing challenges facing criminal law and criminal justice in Canada. Stay tuned for more news about these exciting two volumes!

We wish to thank our outgoing student editor Kasia Kieloch, who has served wonderfully in style and copy editing blogs and in contributing many of her own. Thanks for all your work!

We are excited to welcome to the fold, our new Summer student editor, Brayden McDonald. Brayden is a Robson Hall law student entering into his third year. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Studies in 2016 from the University of Manitoba. In addition to his role as Student Editor for Robson Crim, Brayden is also employed as a legal researcher, swimming instructor and lifeguard. Welcome!

Stay tuned for news, updates and blogs. If you are still a law student, enjoy the summer (recharge!); if you are a criminal law, crim or legal studies professor, enjoy your computer (remember to charge the laptop batteries!); if you are a lawyer, enjoy the new crop of articling students (finally you can charge less per hour for some of your clients); and if you are an avid reader of Robson Crim, regardless of your professional affiliation, thank you for your readership (we provide you content at no charge!)

Happy sunny days...

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