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Welcome Collaborators of

At we are committed to interdisciplinary and collaborative work in the broad area of criminal law and justice. We are proud to collaborate across institutions and the world to bring a broad range of perspectives to you. Our list of collaborators are expanding. We are thankful for your contributions.

We are pleased to welcome James Gacek, and Melanie Murchison to our research team.

James Gacek is a doctoral candidate at Edinburgh Law School, University of Edinburgh. Situated within broader research interests in prison sociology, critical criminology, and carceral geography, his PhD research focuses upon the socio-legal and geographical relationship between criminalized people and the territorial stigmatization of marginalized neighbourhoods in Canada. James is an American Sociological Association Student Paper Award winner (2014).

Dr. Melanie Janelle Murchison holds her doctorate from Queens University Law School, Belfast. She teaches at the Center for Law, Society and Justice at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Melanie has been nominated for two Outstanding Teaching Awards, and has taught Law, Criminal Justice, Sociology and Legal Studies. Melanie's research interests include Comparative Constitutional Law, Judicial Behaviour, Legal Reasoning and Legal Methodology.

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